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Oct. 9th, 2009 @ 09:09 am Masters Level DUMB!
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Please keep in mind, as you read the submission portion of this post, that this woman was a lawyer in the state of NY and is currently in a masters level program for Health Administration. All of her posts are exactly like this one.


" Discuss any problematic aspect within your organization that resembles any element identified in chapters 6 - 9, and how this might be addressed through an understanding and implementation of the various dynamics. Be sure the discussion includes Service-Delivery issues in regards to these chapters. Considering the challenges inherent with your organizational structure, how do you address the needs of your Associates in delivering excellent service to your customers?"

"On 10/5/2009 ------ wrote:
Saw Michael Moore New Movie,,give he has his bias.There were so many facts bandied about, it gave me pause to thing. Seems to portray Organization run wild. One of the first things i read was that they are omnipotent and omniscient. When we think about synergy..just see this movie. These organizations,have become mega-large..Actually we call them conglomerations.It seems that nature, open, formal, rational systems have been glommed together. If we asked The goal of the CEOs,Coos,Boards of directors, the forthright answer wobble a resounding ME, mine, my team, my family. Interest in the bottom line has become sacrosanct. The result..high unemployment, a housing market in the tank, education indicators slipping. People without home,without food, without health care access. Who is Paying? We are with our tax dollars. We are buttoning down the hatches on our purses.

The organizations are too big to die so we send them our hard earned money,,so that we can be over charged for goods and services. Darwin and Marx would have pooped when the US government started throwing around tax payers money without knowing what it will be used for.

How do the personality dynamics respond -hopefully with a resounding NO!! Although some of us would have to gather more info, others of us are merely sick in the gut(particularly if your house lost it value and your neighborhood is deteriorating). Others of us would be propelled into action, ell yet others would innovated problem solve and come up with long term solutions. G-d save us all..cause government and organizations are doing th trick.

With the diverse dynamics and brilliance in our class..maybe we could organize...even a letter writing campaign that could be spread thru the web, We will be the coos,CFOs etc. What do we do differently? Do we institute ego/control/greed control..Maybe if we just ask ourselves a few questions..what are we doing what is our purpose, set comfortable financial goals, what kid of world do want to leave our child/grandchildren..do we want individual rights protected? Perhaps, if we make our voices heard by contacting our elected official..tell them our organization need to be regulated..ask them what happened to the Taft Hartley Act Hartly. Remindingg them that organizations need competition...down with the conglomerates...even of hospitals by non political people..We need to organize a collective conscience that takes into consideration the good of all. Hey! no more buy politicians with millions upon millions, Sounds tough? It is not, I begins with one person willing to stand up. Remember Paul Revere

N.B. I had surgery this am..I might have written this while ubder the influce of drugs...however, I THINK I am ok..fro sure the surgery seemed successful"
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I can't even make it through the first paragraph... ack.